GUZMÄNNER s.r.o. is an internationally operating company whose fundamental objective is to ensure continued high levels of customer satisfaction.  We provide services in the mechanical engineering sector  for trading partners in Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We continuously follow new trends, treat all customers individually and seek optimal solutions to address their needs. We cooperate with the best.

We offer our customers high-quality services supported by flexibility and experiences acquired in long practice in the field of metal fabrication, metal working and industrial welding using various technologies. We can provide integration services in industrial and collaborative robotics to our customers.


Our Services

Since our creation, we continuously build teams of professionally qualified, responsible and flexible persons whose professionalism is their key asset.

We provide our customers with certified CNC milling machine operators, metal processors, welders with state exam certificates, qualified pipe fitters and machine fitters with knowledge of diagrams, isometries and plans who regularly undertake trainings and proficiency checks.

We specialize in providing services in the field of custom made machinery production using CNC technologies, as well as standard metal working machines. We secure service and overhaul of metal working machines.

In the field of industrial welding, we focus on welding of stainless steel, black materials and welding of plastics in various sectors, such as food, pharmaceutics, energy, petrochemical industry and building of breweries.

Our Services


The experiences and references of our clients from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic and from Slovakia in connection with the reliability and enthusiasm of our team guarantee professional work at the end of which there is our customers’ success. For the references, please contact us by e-mail. We will be very pleased to provide you with the references of our clients.


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