The goal of our company is to optimize activities, provide high quality services and above all ensure safety in the work performance! Thanks to the cooperation with TÜV SÜD, we have a full overview of all our processes, activities and resources.

Sustainable development, motivation of employees and co-workers and maximum customer satisfaction are of great importance to our company. We try to adhere to all these factors very strictly thanks to cooperating closely with the TÜV SÜD certification body.

Safety and OSH

We supervise your safety in cooperation with the BWSS Company, which is a leader on the Slovak market. We provide comprehensive services and tailor-made guidance.

We have been operating the market for three decades, thus our customers can rely on the expertise and quality of our services, which are constantly being innovated and adapted to their individual needs. The core to all our services is the “48-hour rule”, which testifies to our prompt approach to each customer.

We provide services in the area of OSH, fire protection, update of technical equipment, personal data protection and professional training. Our customers can choose from various types of training required by employers by the legislation of the Slovak Republic, which include a low lift and forklift certification license, a heavy equipment operator training, a course for operating load binders, manipulating the lifting equipment, working at heights and above open depths, basic qualification and regular training of professional drivers and a course in operating a handheld chainsaw.

Legal services and counselling

All legal acts related to our company are represented by renowned German lawyers from Slovakia.


Business counselling

I completed my business law studies as a Bachelor of Laws at the FH-Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. My major focus was – commercial law, labour law and tax law. In November 2015, I completed my Master of Laws LL.M. IT-Law & IP-Law at Leibniz University in Hanover and at the University of Vienna. My primary target there was internet law, data protection law and intellectual property law. In addition to translation and interpreting, I also work as an internet law consultant for European companies and help Slovak and Czech residents living in Germany.


Attorney at law

“I am an attorney of Slovak origin. My headquarters office is in Dortmund, Germany. I communicate and conduct meetings in German, Slovak and English. The focus of my activity as an attorney in Germany is to provide counselling for Slovak and Czech companies, entrepreneurs in German law. I offer legal assistance in Germany as well as legal representation of clients before German authorities (e.g. tax office, employment office – Bundesagentur für Arbeit, SOKA-Bau, when applying for a permit to dispatch workers / Antrag auf Arbeitnehmerüberlassungserlaubnis – AÜG, customs office – Hauptzol prosecutor’s office and courts in Germany).”